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Changing how we look at weight

A lot of us that are health conscious get caught up in measuring our diet and fitness progress and success by our weight displayed on the scale. Why? The reason we are so fascinated with this number (besides all of the years of social programming that weight is the primary indicator of your health) is that it is the only numerical data that we have easy access to. Now what does this number say and what does it do? 99% of the time it will drive you nuts and make you upset. Your weight fluctuates greatly during the day and during the week, so people that become obsessed with controlling this number usually end up driving themselves crazy and get down on whatever positive actions they have been taking to improve or maintain their health!

Instead of focusing on weight, I challenge my clients to focus on body composition!

Knowing your body composition is the first step towards improving it. Having a better body composition can aid you immensely in understanding your weight, improving your overall health, and generally living a fuller, happier life. The InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer can provide you with a complete snapshot of which body parts need improvement, which are strong, which are weak, how much fat you need to lose, how much muscle you should gain, your hydration level and basal metabolic rate (calories burned at rest). Most people want to lose weight or build muscle - the InBody can tell you exactly how much weight you need to lose or muscle you need to gain to meet your body fat percentage goal.

The InBody Analyzer is currently being used by the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NASA and is getting rave reviews. It is a valuable tool for absolutely everyone. It provides an unparalleled snapshot of your body and can complement any exercise program, medical treatment or rehabilitation.

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